Our current projects are listed here in the order in which they will be available or becoming available to the public. This is typically news and blogspots for our products.

Empty SpaceEdit

Where We Fill In the Space with Our ImaginationEdit

We can craft worlds and other star systems into whatever we may need for any given purpose:

  • even to the point of novel and novella settings,
  • role-playing game backgrounds and situations,
  • television, movie and internet series locations
  • one-shot adverts

If we can visualize it, it becomes real to us. Tangible. Palpable. Those of us here at VGC and RPM2G wear many hats, many of those hats relate in some way to our game settings, racial profiles and even ship interiors and planetside locales. We have to entertain our fans, and why can't our fans write about the worlds, races and locations we've created to entertain themselves while entertaining us?

This is where "Empty Space" comes in!

Use your imagination to create worlds, ships, people, races and other things that could be used in the confines of our Game Universe-- anything and everything-- within reason, of course, and make it entertaining. Even if you need to excerpt part of a game session, and need a rules clarification, just drop it here under the Rules Queries section. Fan Fiction is for those great stories and situations that have a possibility to be used in a game session. New Race Proposals are for those of you who want to create a new race for inclusion in a possible update to Fine Red Mist.

Please note: While we condone the imaginitive and colorful use of language, we must warn you of sexually explicit detail, racial hatred (unless it is part of a "Disrepect to Respect" type of story using FRM's Races-- subcultures of Humans or other Races will not be tolerated). Consider this question: "Would a 10 year old be able to understand the language and connotation presented in my story?" If "yes", then keeping the language below PG-17 (MPAA rating) and the sexual innuendo to a G-rating (MPAA rating) would be beneficial to all parties concerned.

If we get tons, even Metric Tonnes, of hits and our host cannot handle the bandwidth, moving this to a private server would benefit all parties-- but until then-- we have to abide by WIKIA.COM's wishes. Sorry.

Latest NewsEdit

This is our Latest News section. Here we'll drop the knowledge that's fit to print for Press Release and the updates to our servers and client software.

Bug and Glitch ReportsEdit

We will list our Bug and Glitch Reports and status for these dastardly creepy things as we resolve issues with our server-side and client-side software and patches. As we find and fix the problems, we will notify our players in-game and here on our site.

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