To put it simply:

  • Videopolis Games Company (affectionately known as VGC) is an independent video game studio for the creation and development of various games and digital media for consoles and home computers (a.k.a. PCs and Macs).
  • RPM2 Games is the book creation and publishing company. Taking on the role of role-playing games (RPGs) creation and publishing, VGC can license RPM2 Games' properties to produce computerized games and to offer input to their line up of standard texts and tomes.

We are also working on several projects currently and are in the process of finalizing these:

  • TicTacTwo - a game that resembles the classic game of Noughts & Crosses played by children and adults for ages. This 3D version offers up stunning backgrounds and a wonderful Single-Player experience.
  • FRM - Called "Fine Red Mist", this classic role-playing game takes place in the distant future where Anime and hard science fiction meet. Peppered with magic and unbelievable creatures and races, this game offers up something for everyone; create your character, select your race and birth region, then name your creation! A great way to spend the day with family, friends and colleagues for an entertaining romp through the Galaxy!

There are also many left to be discovered and fleshed out, so keep your eyes on my blogs and we'll go from there!

Happy Gaming!


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